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About Us

Our Story

Bluemont was born, before Brexit and Covid, from our culture and belief we can project Britain’s trade across the Indian Ocean Rim (IORA).

From the beginning, we knew fulfilling our dream required two values embodied in the dual image of the Baobab and a Man. 

Our Mission

Our objective is to provide cutting-edge innovations, offering an experience that matches SMEs global ambition, maximising cross-border transaction efficiency, and increasing SME access to markets, risk analytics, and technology insights.

We also aim to find the best way to accelerate SMEs digital connectivity and inclusiveness, while they implement a practical growth plan.

Our Vision

Our raison d’être is to serve SMEs in their cross-border needs.

Post-Brexit and Covid times propel us to connect culture and ideas, help trust flourish among consumers, and join communities through inclusive technology. 

Insights Exchange
Insights Exchange

Image of bank cards and laptops

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Business Meeting
Business Meeting

BlueMont Business Meeting.

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A man looking at goods at a store
A man looking at goods at a store

BlueMont Small Business, man looking at his goods.

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Insights Exchange
Insights Exchange

Image of bank cards and laptops

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What We

Market Intelligence

Our integrated approach to market analysis allows to deliver a holistic yet independent outlooks and forecasts. We help customers perform above-market growth when deploying sales and harnessing go-to-market strategies, using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

Integrated Risk Analytics

Gearing up beyond the crisis, small and medium businesses face an array of risks. How to learn more about risk culture and management is a critical factor to enhance their digital and cyber resilience as they sail towards their global success.


Learning Capability

Our focus is on building capabilities that enable small and medium businesses to improve leadership and functional skills related to international trade. Generating and sustaining global growth requires savoir-faire on risk assessment, digital marketing, sales, pricing analytics, customer experience, and agile operations.

Insights Exchange

Technological, regulatory, and competitive forces are stirring markets and trades toward easier and safer data sharing. Despite the complexity to develop distributed, interoperable, and connected data, our objective is to deploy agile data labs to deliver impacts and value quickly to businesses.

Support & Advice

Our experience combines economic and social development. We implement a highly collaborative working model, and inclusion and social impact are at the core of our culture. Improving small and medium businesses’ well-being is our priority. Feel free to get in touch.

Why Us

Deep Industry Knowledge

Balancing flexibility and stability with limited resources is the difficult goal of any small business structure. Our collaborative working model helps us share our experiences with that of external professionals and academics in highly respected institutions.

In this post-pandemic era, bold innovation and creativity could deliver a productivity dividend hence higher bottom line, however this depends on dynamic corporate action and robust demand. Nevertheless, it is worth reminding ourselves that broadening perspective outside our traditional market, and why not abroad, is not forbidden.

Years of Experience

BlueMont draws on 75+ years of experience of its core team paired with the shared knowledge of experts and researchers across geographies, including advisors, strategy designers, data scientists, research analysts and a diversity of colleagues from various background.

In-house Research Teams

As for Brexit and new trade markets, we know that change is a very sensitive and complex subject. Reticence is understandable for corporate executives, in small or medium-sized businesses, used to living in their traditional organisation and markets.

Our experience can help. Taken together our teams and colleagues encompass combined experience serving businesses in different industries, sectors, and geographies.

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Bluemont Arbor Partners Ltd
Suite 131, 266 Banbury Road, OX2 7DZ

Oxford (UK)

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