About Us

We Evaluate, Enhance & Spur International Growth

Bluemont was born, before Brexit and Covid, from our culture and belief we can project Britain’s trade across the Indian Ocean Rim (IORA). From the beginning, we knew fulfilling our dream required two values embodied in the dual image of the Baobab and a Man. 

Our objective is to provide cutting-edge innovations, offering an experience that matches SMEs global ambition, maximising cross-border transaction efficiency, and increasing SME access to markets, risk analytics, and technology insights.

We also aim to find the best way to accelerate SMEs digital connectivity and inclusiveness, while they implement a practical growth plan.

Our raison d’être is to serve SMEs in their cross-border needs. 


Post-Brexit and Covid times propel us to connect culture and ideas, help trust flourish among consumers, and join communities through inclusive technology. 

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Our Story

The idea of BlueMont was born from its founder’s history: Openness, multicultural, global
experience, passion for trade, and resilience.


We have chosen the image of the Baobab and the Man, to illustrate our vision and our mission. Baobab trees have always been a symbol of strength, resistance, persistence, and ubiquity across continents i.e. resilience; as for Man, the purpose of our project is to put people back at the centre of our universe i.e., the environment landscape, its social life, and a meaningful governance (ESG).

Meet Our Founder

Andry is an experienced banker-entrepreneur, and academic. His passion for banking started at high school when seeing the challenges of his father as a small business owner-manager. He worked in financial markets and in international banking in Europe.


He created his first bank in the Indian Ocean and successfully invited HSBC as a key shareholder. He then returned to the university to study for a PhD in risk management, at the University of Sorbonne Paris 1, and was at the same time a visiting doctoral scholar at the University of Oxford for 4 years. As an academic, Andry developed his leadership and capacity building experience with always the view to complement his banking experience and return later to practice.


He also enjoyed his professional executive programme experience at MIT (Fintech and e-Commerce), Said Business School (Advanced Management and Leadership) and Insead (Corporate Financial Strategy). Today, he has developed a keen interest in sustainability standards, inclusion, and impact financing.